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Violin Bows for sale

I have recently returned from a trip to Europe where I carefully selected a number of special bows to make available to New Zealand musicians. I chose these bows for their playability and quality.

I invite interested musicians to make an appointment to try them at my violin shop "le violon rouge nz" in Auckland. 

4/4 violin bow made by Doriane Bodart
- Second hand-

Doriane Bodart is a contemporary French bow maker, trained with Gilles Duhaut, Thomachot and Pierre Guillaume. In the last few years she won many prizes with her bows in several international competitions. 

This bow produces a nice and warm sound, with lots of colours and overtones. It is expresive and well balanced. 

Book an appointment to try it.               

 Albert Nurnberger 4/4 Violin bow  for sale


Albert Nurnberger 4/4 Violin bow  for sale   SOLD



Albert Nurnberger is one of the best German bow makers, and this particular bow is one of the highest quality of the Nurnberger production. IT'S A REALLY GOOD BOW! 

Pernambuco stick, silver mounted, round stick, parisien eye, button in 3 pieces, ebony frog. Excellent condition. 

This bow feels very solid in the hand, and it has plenty of character and gut. It allows you to have very good control and precision, giving versatility of sound, speed, expression and textures. It is excellent for spiccato. The bow allows the player to dig in to produce a big sound. If you are a serious student, this bow will take you a long way, if you are a professional, you will love it. 

French Modern 4/4 violin bow for sale


French Modern 4/4 violin bow for sale

Handmade French brand-new 4/4 violin bow. 

Pernambuco rounded stick, silver mounted, ebony frog, plain pearl eye, button in 3 pieces. 

This beautiful bow brings a feeling of ease and naturalness in the hand. It is very stable and well balanced from frog to tip. Very versatile and excellent for bouncing and spiccato, good articulation. It will allow you to play many different styles of music. It produces a warm sound. A lovely new French Bow! 

The bow comes with a certificate from the maker. 

European 4/4 violin bow for sale


European 4/4 violin bow for sale

This European violin bow is a little bit of a mystery. It has no stamp, has a typical German frog, a Fench style button and mortice, and a stick that could be either French or a German copy of a French bow. 

It has a pernambuco stick, silver mounted, one piece button, ebony frog with a plain pearl eye. 

This nice and charming bow produces a crisp sound. Nice to play at the tip and easy to create a clean sound at the frog due to the light sensation at the frog. It has a good spiccato, with a jumping point around half way. 

This mystery bow has a charming character that can't be described. You will need to try it to feel it!  

Brand-new fench violin bow for sale