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Violins for sale 

Brand-new handmade 4/4 violin from Cremona, Italy

I carefully selected this brand-new violin after observing, playing and measuring about 50 different violins during my last trip to Cremona Italy. 

I loved that one for it's sound, it's model, it's esthetic, the craftsmanship and it's measurements. It is carefully elaborated following the traditional Cremonese school. The maker comes from a well known family of cremonese violin makers. 

After resting the violin for a few days in Auckland, I did some modifications and adjustments to the setup to fit the New Zealand climate. (The pictures below were taken before the adjustments) 

The violin speaks easily and it is comfortable to play, with a good volume and projection. The sound is even and well balanced across the whole range of the violin. It allows you to express all the nuances you need. 

Suitable for a high grade university student or a profesional. 

I invite you to book an appointment to try it. 

Nicolas Didier l' Ainé
4/4 Violin 

During one of my trips to Europe, and after looking at many old French violins, I selected this 200 year old French violin made by Nicolas Didier l'ainé in the early 1800s in Mirecourt, France, to bring it to New Zealand. I restored it at Le Violon Rouge NZ during the year 2022 -2023. It is now in excellent condition and ready to find its new home. 

It is a powerhouse, chocolate sound, deep in the lower register, warm, colorful, and also clear and bright in the higher register, smooth and articulated, dynamic, easy response, and extremely resonant. One word that came to my mind to describe it is "FRANK" : open, honest, direct, bold, unconstrained. This is an exceptional violin! 

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Violin 4/4 Maggini copy      SOLD 

European trade. About 120 years old.

The sound of this wonderful Maggini copy violin is excellent! It has a very open sound and provides a good range of colours which speaks very easily. It has a "bell-like" clarity making this violin a wonderful solo instrument as well as an orchestral instrument, On the tonal palette scale, this violin is well balanced, leaning slightly towards a bright sound.

The Maggini copy violin is selling with a second hand case, a second hand bow, and and a rosin.
It has new bridge, new soundpost, new strings, new pegs. it works wonderfully.

Maggini copy violin for sale Auckland
Maggini copy violin 2
Maggini copy violin  for sale Auckland3
Maggini copy violin 4
Maggini copy violin 5
Maggini copy violin 6

Handmade Chinese 4/4 Violin 

Handmade chinese, this dynamical violin is a hallmark which is not often seen in a violin of this quality. The violin is senitive. It reacts instantly with the lightest touch of the bow, which in return, makes this a very versatile instrument. The tone is bold, direct, focused, and extremely resonant, a powerhouse violin. Perfect for a soloist!

The Handmade Chinese Violin comes with a second hand case and bow. 

Handmade Chinese  violin for sale Auckland
Chinese violin 2
Handmade Chinese violin 3
HAndame chinese violin 3
Handmade Chinese violin 5
Handmade Chinese violin 6
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