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Welcome to the first Blog Le violon Rouge NZ | Violin shop Auckland

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Le violon Rouge NZ | Violin shop Auckland

Dear friends and visitors, today I decided to start blogging after seeing my dear friend Darren, a very talented violinist.

Darren is pationate about violins and he contacts me quite often asking all sort of questions related to violins and bows.

His questions are always very interesting and we have a rich exchange of knowledge, experiences, observations and understandings, pushing our curiosity and exploration even further.

I thought this kind of conversation could be extended to more people and would most likely be very useful for anybody interested in violins.

So, today I am welcoming you to my new blog from my website "Le violon rouge NZ" Stay posted, you will find useful and meaningful content!

Logo Le Violon Rouge NZ | Violin shop | Violin repair | Auckland
Le violon rouge NZ | Violin repair shop | Auckland

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